I bought a Spec Miata.

I don't know where to start, but the answer is always Miata, right? I'll go through the "how I got here" in a future post, for now let me introduce the car.


There she is, loaded up on the trailer. Meeting the previous owner 5 hours away at a halfway point for each of us made for a long day, but I think we made out alright. You'll see strapped to the trailer two different exhaust systems and a spare engine. The car is seen on Toyo Rain Tires and came with two extra sets of Hoosier slicks on wheels. Pair that with 4 extra doors, a spare decklid, a good transponder, and logbooks dating back 10+years, and I felt almost ready to race. But, why is there a ratchet strap across the car?

I met the previous owner of the car in a Walmart parking lot (where a majority of middle America's craigslist deals go down) where he backed the car off of his trailer and proceeded to make a lap and show me the car functioned as expected. So it's my turn... and this car has just traveled 250 miles on a trailer to get here... and it's just driven around under its own power... and this owner knows what steps to take before you put the car on the road.

The hood pins weren't in. In retrospect, I made it a long way before the hood flew up, probably a mile or two. It was terrifying. I was not in my home state, in a car with no license plate that didn't belong to me, behind a Walmart in an industrial park, with the hood bent over the windshield. I rushed as quickly as I could to get out of the car, get the hood pinned down, and get back to the trailer. Minute 3 of racecar ownership has already provided an adventure.

I bought it anyway. Tis merely a flesh wound, right? Now it's home and under the knife. Previous owner was 160 lbs and could easily make minimum weight of 2300. I'm now looking to lose 20 lbs myself and 20 or so out of the car to make up for that. I'm in the process of getting the car and myself ready to race. I'll be doing one more track day with NASA to hopefully get to a point where they will let me do competition school later this year. Lookout 2015 NASA Mid-South.


If anyone would like to contribute tips or tricks or has a gigantic stockpile of parts for 20 year old Japanese roadsters in the West Kentucky area, let me know. I'm looking to chronicle my experience for others wanting to start racing.

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